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Mitsuya has been providing various metal platings & finishings, by our advanced engineering solution on the industrial plating and finishing functional properties. Our platings & finishings are listed by the process type, shown as the bellows. We will continue to update and list our latest platings.



Alkaline Copper plating Anti-corrosion treatment for aluminum (RoHS compliant) Black electroless Nickel plating Black Nickel plating Black trivalent chromate Zinc plating Blackening treatment for Copper substrate Bright Gold plating (containing Cobalt) Bright Nickel plating Bright Silver plating Bright Tin plating Chrome plating (RoHS compliant) Cobalt-Nickel alloy plating Colored trivalent chromate Zinc plating Composite electroless Nickel-PTFE plating Copper sulfate plating Direct Gold plating on SUS without Ni under plating Direct Silver plating on SUS without Ni under plating Direct Tin plating on SUS without Ni under plating Electro Nickel-Phosphorus plating Electroless Gold plating (immersing type for thin deposit) Electroless Gold plating (reduction type for thick deposit) Electroless Nickel plating (containing Boron) Electroless Nickel plating (containing Phosphorus) Electroless Silver plating Gold Iron alloy plating (Cobalt and Nickel free) Gold Nickel alloy plating Gold-Tin alloy plating Hard Gold plating Hard Silver plating High reflective Gold plating Indium plating Low phosphorus electroless Nickel plating Matte Gold plating Matte Nickel plating Matte Silver plating Matte Tin plating Nickel plating for wire bonding Palladium-Nickel alloy plating Porous Nickel plating Pure Gold plating Pure Palladium plating Rhodium plating Semi-Bright Nickel plating Silver-Tin alloy plating Super soldering Gold plating Tin-Antimony alloy plating Tin-Nickel alloy plating Ultraviolet Absorbing Black plating Zinc-Nickel alloy plating

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