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The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, providing critical components for many of today's high-tech devices. The Philippines is one of the emerging markets in the semiconductor industry, and it has been working to develop its semiconductor industry in recent years. This includes semiconductor companies that produce semiconductor chips, semiconductor testing, and electronic components. Mitsuya is doing its best to contribute to the development of advanced technologies associated with semiconductor and semiconductor testing.

Palladium Plating on connectors used for IC product testing

We received an inquiry from an electronic affiliated company in the Philippines to have their electronic component plated with palladium.
The purpose of this plating is to improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of their product.
We performed the plating, sent them the plated products so that they can be evaluated on their machines.

Gold Plating on Interposers for LSI Testing

Mitsuya received a special plating request from a semiconductor manufacturer company in the Philippines for LSI testing. The request was to enhance the electrical conductivity and lifetime of their interposers. With our plating expertise, we were able to successfully plate with uniform distribution, resulting in good conductivity and increased lifetime of the interposers.
As a result of Mitsuya's plating technology, the customer was able to save costs. Mitsuya performed the plating, sent them the plated products, and the customer was very satisfied with the quality of the plating. Mitsuya is currently collaborating with the customer for mass production.

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