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Mitsuya’s plating technologies have contributed to solving the problems of the Spain companies.

One-stop service including silver plating to a connector

We provide one-stop service for components required plating as key technologies.
We take the orders including pre-process and post-process of the plating, like cutting, etching, metal stamping, sheet metal work and painting with the cooperation of partner companies.
Recently, we received an inquiry from a company in Spain about applying the silver plating to a connector of a special electronic component.
We received the product drawings, then made our arrangement for the material, etching process, metal sheet working and silver plating to complete the product.
The required processes were as follows.

  • Arrangement of the metal foil
  • Design of the developed figure for the bending process
  • Design of the etching photomask, manufacturing
  • Etching
  • Design of the bending mold, manufacturing
  • Bending
  • Silver-plating
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