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SDGs Declaration

Mitsuya declares that it will work toward the realization of a sustainable society by balancing social contribution through surface treatment and environmental management that incorporates an environmental perspective, based on its management philosophy "Wakei" as a code of conduct.

April 2021
Mitsuya Co., Ltd.


Reduction of CO2 emissions
20% reduction from FY2020 levels



Enhancement of the Work Environment
0 occupational accidents
Expanding opportunities and opportunities for women to play active roles
25% female employees



Effective use of resources
3R (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) 10% increase from FY2020


(Note) SDGs is an abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals", a set of goals common to the international community set forth in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015, with a deadline of 2030. It consists of 169 targets. It aims to achieve a sustainable society by addressing various economic, social, and environmental challenges

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