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Semi-conductor (IC) Platings

Plating on semiconductor parts and semiconductor circuits is used for forming conductors, and connecting terminals, pads, bumps.
The plating used for conductor formation is copper, gold and so on. With densification of ICs, in the latter half of 1990, copper plating was started to apply, instead of aluminum wiring up to the points. Gold plating is sometimes used as the outermost layer.
The function of semiconductor ICs is showed only when it connected to the circuit board. Depending on the application, there are various kinds of plating for connection. Mitsuya can offer many technologies in this field. Examples are shown below.
・Rhodium plating for places requiring hardness
・Gold plating for wire bonding
・Gold plating for flip chip
・Copper plating for flip chip pillars
・Gold plated tin alloy plating for high temperature and high strength solder
・Tin antimony alloy plating for high temperature and high strength solder
・Gold-tin alloy plating on the LED component sealing lid
Along with the expansion of the demand for power ICs, Mitsuya will supply the optimum plating technology for connection points and Jisso process.

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