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"plating" 5th generation mobile (5G)


"plating" 5th generation mobile (5G)

President Kusama says, "We are dealing with 1500 companies in high-mix low-volume production."

Plating technology that supports all industries such as electronic equipment, automobiles, medical care, and aerospace.

Mitsuya, which currently has transactions with about 1,500 companies, has steadily refined its technical capabilities with an inquisitive spirit and tenacity that "does not say that it cannot be done" in response to customer requests. Work on development in collaboration with the outside to meet the needs of the next generation.

Mitsuya was founded in Gotanda in 1931 (Showa 6) (Mitsuya Electroplating Factory). Mr. Suemasa Kusama, the grandfather of President Seiichiro Kusama, who worked as a salesman of a plating shop, became independent at the request of a customer.

Initially, the company's roots were in plating searchlights used mainly by the Navy, and "very high quality was required for munitions" (President Kusama).

"plating" 5th generation mobile (5G)

● Handles more than 90 types of plating to meet strict requirements

In addition to decoration, plating has the role of adding specific functions to the object, such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and electrical resistance. Mitsuya handles more than 90 types of plating, but the one that has been receiving increasing inquiries in recent years is gold-tin alloy plating. It is possible to plate fine parts and meet strict requirements such as alloy ratio and plating thickness.

As a high-temperature lead-free solder material, it is also attracting attention for joining optical communication devices that connect base stations of 5th generation mobile communication systems (5G). "Competition with alternative technologies as well as other companies in the same industry is also an issue. I want to further improve performance and aim for adoption," said President Kusama
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