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Solution - Gold plating to astronomical observation equipment

Company X, which manufactures astronomical observation equipment, visited our company in order to improve the sensitivity of the telescope.
Their problem was telescope sensitivity reduction used at absolute zero point (-273 ℃).They thought that four pillars, which were made by stainless steel, caused to reduce sensitivity.
Their request was the gold plating on the surface of the SUS. This request had been already rejected by 17 companies. Their budget was 300 thousand yen and they were weary-looking and in imminent state.
As observing their product, we found gold wire in brain shape onto the SUS standoff, and the aluminum plate were used for metal fittings to hold the posts.
It is difficult to plate parts consisted by the completely different metals. We could understand the reason why 17 companies refused this project.
The mission was to realize by a one-shot try, and not to be allowed a fail.
We have succeeded this gold plating by the "challenging split" and Mitsuya's technologies, and obtained the satisfaction by the company X.

Plating detail


  • Difficult material to be plated
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