Semi-bright Tin plating

This is a tin plating for sliding parts or food cans and soldering of low-cost electronic components.
Since tin is a relatively soft metal, it is used for improving the conformability of the sliding parts on the machine. In addition, because of low toxicity, it is used widely as a can material for the food and beverages. Tin plating surface acts as a sacrificial anode in the organic acid of the food to protect iron which is used base material.
Furthermore, in the contact of the electronic equipment that requires solderability, tin plating is adopted in case of considering the price about a noble metal.
It must be noted that the whiskers is generated thereby makes the circuit short in the tin plating. The whiskers becomes difficult to grow by improving under plating and applying heat treatment.
In addition, it is easy to generate tin oxide powder by sliding, it will require additional evaluation according to the using conditions.

Functional property

  • Good bonding & soldering
  • Corrosion-Resistant

Industry employed

  • Electronics components (Sensors)
  • Electronics components (High precision connectors)
  • Electronics components (Busbar)

Availability details

factory Tokyo
mass production yes - - -
process type B,R,M - - -
under plating Ni,Cu,Ni-P - - -
prototype yes - - -
experimental trial yes - - -
chemical stock
yes - - -

process type: B(barrel) R(rack) M(mesh basket) H(reel to reel)

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