Bright silver plating

Bright silver plating

This is high purity silver plating with high thermal and electrical conductivity properties.
Electrical conductivity of a silver is the highest among all metals. Our bright silver plating is characterized by a high purity (99.8%). Hardness is around Hv100.
It does not contain other metals. It is used for the high-speed and high-frequency wireless module to reduce the transmission, and is used for the semiconductor lead frames and electronic components to have good solderability and good wire- bonding property.
In addition, because it has a good sliding property and a good anti-seizing property, it is used for bearings. This deposit is easy to react with chlorine or sulfur and to change the color. We can treat a discoloration prevention processing by customer demand.
Rack, barrel and hoop are all available for plating process type.

Functional property

  • Low Contact Resistance
  • High Conductive
  • High Thermal Conductive

Industry employed

  • Electronics components (Sensors)
  • Electronics components (High precision connectors)
  • Electronics components (Switches)

Availability details

factory Tokyo
mass production yes yes yes yes
process type B,R,M B,R,M B,R,M,H B,R,M
under plating Ni,Cu,Ni-P Ni,Cu,Ni-P Ni,Cu,Ni-P Ni,Cu
prototype yes yes yes yes
experimental trial yes yes yes yes
chemical stock
yes yes yes yes

process type: B(barrel) R(rack) M(mesh basket) H(reel to reel)

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