Electroless Gold plating (reduction type for thick deposit)

Electroless Gold plating  (reduction type for thick deposit)

This plating is used for the plate on the circuit substrate having independent patterns which need a good solderability and a low contact resistance. This can be used when we need a thick electroless gold plating.
Features of electroless gold thick plating of Mitsuya are follows.

  • This electrolress gold plating has a stable deposition rate, you can choose the thickness of plating up to a few μm from 0.1μm.
  • The plating process almost does not give a damage to the substrate and resist.
  • It is suitable for plating to the fine pattern.
  • It can reduce the occurrence of tarnish and uneven plating.
  • Excellent wire bonding properties.

Functional property

  • Low contact resistance
  • Good bonding & soldering
  • High conductive

Industry employed

  • Electronics components (Sensors)
  • Circuit substrate

Availability details

factory Tokyo
mass production - - - -
process type R,M - - -
under plating Au - - -
prototype yes - - -
experimental trial yes - - -
chemical stock
- - - -

process type: B(barrel) R(rack) M(mesh basket) H(reel to reel)

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